Jenny La Fleur (jennylafleur) wrote,
Jenny La Fleur

Christmas rambles

Today was lovely, as all Christmases should be. :> I’m still sick of course so I wasn’t able to eat as much as usual and spent a lot of the day napping and watching movies with the family but that was fine, it was still lovely.

I was thoroughly spoiled again this year, not only by my family but by elizabethsdress & elvenjoy as well. Plus the enjoyment of all your Christmas wishes and online gifts of course. I am so blessed it just isn’t funny. Thank you ladies!

I had quite a nice costume haul, especially if you include my new DVDs. I now have The House of Elliot (series one), Les Miserable and the Lion in Winter to watch until my heart is content. So stinking cool! I also received the Koto Fashion book (the two volume version), an English country dance CD and a gift certificate for my colonial shoes (I should have ordered those today!). There was more (including the new Bible I wanted) but I won’t bore you with the non costume stuff. Needless to say I was definitely surprised a few times and thrilled with everything. I love Christmases that are a good mixture of what I asked for and things I didn’t. It’s more fun that way. :>

Oh yes and we bought the cats a toy too. Honestly I think we are getting as much enjoyment out of it as they are though. We got one of those laser pens. Nefret is particularly wild about it. It’s hysterical! No one can say our kitties don’t have good entertainment value. *grin*

Well I’m off to take some meds and hop in bed. We are going out early for the sales tomorrow (twelfth night decorations here we come!) so I have to get up way too soon. At least I can crash when we get home. :>
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