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hems and Hooks
Worked on the lower sleeve hems a bit. I was going to start the hem on the machine but finish by hand but after some thought I think I’m just going to do the whole thing on the machine. I’m feeling a bit lazy about the costume at this point. I want to work on my velvet! :>

I watched the new Peter Pan for the first time today. It’s a favorite story of Mom’s so we got her the DVD for Mother’s day. I really liked it, much more than I thought I would. I’ve never been a big fan of the story, (hated both the Disney and Broadway versions), but I enjoyed this telling.

To echo Demode in her review, Mrs. Darling’s frocks are few they are all quite luscious. I so want her pink evening gown! I thought Jason Isaacs was wonderful as Hook/Mr Darling, although I will always think of him as Lucius Malfoy. :> Oh yes and much drooling occurred over Hook’s costumes too. *sigh* I love 17th century men’s wear!

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