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reality stinks
Okay I give up. It’s 12:30am, I haven’t packed a thing for the trip and the stays are no where near where they need to be. Did I mention I have to leave the house at 7 this am?

In my figuring that I could really do this I forgot two important factors. The first was how much time it takes to figure out and transfer all those wretched boning patterns. Forever!

The second is that I am dealing with velvet. Now I’m remembering why I felt such immense satisfaction when I finished my Rohan gown. I’m having to baste AND pin like crazy every stinking seam. Even then it’s still shifting slightly in addition to taking forever. And I can’t find the needle board. I have never perfected the technique of ironing velvet without one and I can’t wake Mom up to help me look for it. *sigh*

I could sit down and cry. Quitting now means there is NO way I can finish B’s pirate for the Ren Faire. I was living in a fantasy world to think I could get it done in time but reality has finally struck. I feel HORRIBLE about it – I’m so sorry Dearest!

*bigger sigh* This is not the way I intended things to happen. Life has just not been cooperating lately. I think it’s time to break out my “for the trip chocolate”. Maybe nibbling will help the guilt while I pack.