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pins & thread, thread & toiles
Can you believe it, I’ve actually gotten some sewing done!!! The realization that it’s September already has been a great motivation. Five weeks until the RCHS ball, 7 weeks until the Ren Faire and no time at all until the annual holiday madness descends once again. Can I panic now?

Actually I must admit that the only reason I’m sewing right now is because I’m sick. Well recovering from some nasty cold thing to be precise. I’m starting to feel well enough to care about life but not well enough to work. I love how sickness negates the guilt of being at home and not working on your home-based business. Usually I have to physically leave the house to get away from it. *rubs hands together*

Tomorrow I really should get back to real life but I’m still coughing when I talk much so for today I’m pushing aside the pink paperwork, saving my vocal cords and plopping into front of my pins and thread.

I cut out the second toile for the pirate stays and fit that to B. It’s too big here, a bit snug there but I’m definitely on the right track. I forgot to take pics, so net toile, okay? *sigh* I love the early 18th century stays… the lines are so pretty!

Okay break over – back to work!