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pirate tioles
I sewed together and fitted the pirate stays toile. The one that has been cut out for 3 weeks? Yeah.

I didn’t expect it to fit well, which was good because it totally didn’t fit at all. Well the stomacher part was pretty good. I was going for the right length and planned to enlarge it from the fitting but it proved to be short as well. I’ve scribbled measurements all over the toile so I’m ready for the next try at it. :> As long as it doesn’t take me 3 weeks to get there we should be okay. :>

I think my life is starting to balance out after this last insane month. I really threw myself into Mary Kay full throttle, which was my decision and one which I don’t regret, but it’s nice to get back to something closer to normal life… just with a new career thrown in. :>