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Wow, it’s been a crazy few days, what with Harry Potter, a career change (more on that later), RCHS planning meetings and some serious house cleaning. All in all I haven’t had much time to work on costuming.

What time I’ve had I’ve been using to work on the design for my quilted petticoat. I’ve been trying to come up with a design ditty similar to the one on pg 24 of Costume in Detail. I wanted something like it to fill in my main feather design. I’m a bit discouraged about the whole idea now as I don’t really like anything I’ve come up with so far. Blah I say!

Since I’m having such bad design-block I think I’m just going to set the whole thing aside for a while. To be honest I’m getting less and less enthused over the whole project. Part of it is that there is slim chance that I will finish it in time for the ball (the original concept). I was thinking I would try having it done for the Christmas season but at the moment there are other projects I’d rather be working on. Maybe I should just save it for later or make it one of those no-deadline leisurely-pace type things.

I am pretty motivated to try and get that cream jacket done for September though. I was originally going to be a servant at the RCHS fall tea, but now I’ll be a table hostess. This means I can wear something nice instead of a lower-sorts type outfit. *wicked grin* I’m really thinking a 1770s jacket with an embroidered stomacher (red roses and bees in crewel) is in order, don’t you? :>

I’ve been scheming about this project for a few weeks now (could you tell? *hee hee*) but I’ve made the command decision that I won’t start it until I’ve got the pirate stays mocked up and ready to be made. It’s not that I don’t have anything to wear (can’t use that excuse any more!) and it will be the motivation to work on B’s costume which I seem to require these days. :> So no guarantees on this one!

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