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last of the cutting (for now) - Jenny La Fleur
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last of the cutting (for now)
The LOTR outfits are all cut out now. *throws confetti*

I’m wiped! I know I stressed out too much about cutting the velvet because I’m exhausted and I had a headache all day. The headache was probably weather related, usually the cause, but I’m sure the self-induced strain didn’t help. The drugs eventually kicked in so I was able to work all day. Whoever came up with Excedrin Migraine should be sainted – I love that stuff!

I decided not to make a slip after all. I was going to make a full length slip, as a chemise for my costume, out of the left over (undyed) silk. I apparently didn’t read the pattern very carefully the first time and I don’t have enough silk. The pattern is bias cut, so I can’t really fudge it. Turns out all the slip patterns in the house are bias cut. Weird. I‘m thinking about just splurging on one of the silk slip blanks from Dharma now. Ummm…

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